Aquadome cantilever or off-the-wall awnings are durable, long-lasting and attractive. They are made from heavy-duty TOP GUN™ material and high-grade aluminum. We manufacture various types of awnings including cantilevered boat or shade awnings and dock slip covers. Adding an Aquadome awning to your home or boathouse has multiple benefits. They expand your living space to the great outdoors, while providing UV protection and protection from leaves and other debris. Our awnings are customizable and available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes that complement the look of your home or cottage. Our fabrics are mildew-resistant and maintain their colour and integrity for years. 

FOR YOUR BOATHOUSE: Adding an Aquadome awning to your boathouse will allow you to keep your boat dry and protected from the harsh sun without the hassle of putting on your boat cover after every use. It also lessens the maintenance/cleaning time required, which means more time for FUN on the water. Keep your boat looking better, longer and make a sleek, stylish addition to your dock environment! 

DOCKSLIP COVERS: A quick and affordable alternative to boathouse construction that ensures shade and protection of your boat. Anchored to both sides of your dockslip, these units provide the best cover for your boat while the engineering allows for dock movement without compromising the structure. For even better protection, add curtain walls or mosquito netting on any to all sides of your unit. 

FOR YOUR HOME, DOCK OR DECK: Aquadome awnings aren’t just for waterside purposes. Adding an Aquadome awning to your home can add extra protection over windows that get a lot of sun. They can also extend how much you are able to enjoy your patio, dock and deck areas, limiting your family’s sun exposure on hot days and even enjoying the outdoors when it rains. Add some mosquito netting to the sides, and you’ll extend your enjoyment even further. 

Proud dealer of Retractable and Stationary Awnings and Shade Umbrellas 

Available in various fabric colours and patterns, manual or automated and customizable to your space. Let us help you discover the perfect retractable awning or umbrella for your residential or commercial space and take care of the installation for your piece of mind.