Aquadome awnings are durable, long-lasting and attractive. They are made from heavy-duty TOP GUN™ material. We create various types of awnings including: classic gabled, cantilevered boat awnings; modern arched/rounded cantilevered boat awnings and retractable awnings with optional remote and sensor controls. Unlike traditional awnings, that need to be taken down in the winter, Aquadome awnings can stand up to the elements, including snow. Adding an Aquadome awning to your home or boathouse has multiple benefits. They expand your living space to the great outdoors, while providing UV protection. Our awnings are customizable and available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes that complement the look of your home or cottage. Our fabrics are mildew-resistant and maintain their colour and integrity for years. You can operate your Aquadome awning manually, or with Somfy electronic controls.nThey also come with a manufacturer’s warranty on all components.

FOR YOUR BOATHOUSE: Adding an Aquadome boat awning to your boathouse will: allow you to keep your boat dry, without the hassle of putting on the top and exposing it to the harsh sun; lessen the maintenance/cleaning time required, which means more time for FUN on the water; eliminate stress/disappointment when you forget to put the top on; keep your boat looking better, longer and make a sleek, stylish addition to your dock environment. 

FOR YOUR HOME, DOCK OR DECK: Aquadome awnings aren’t just for waterside purposes. Adding an Aquadome awning to your home can add extra protection over windows that get a lot of sun. They can also extend how much you are able to enjoy your patio, dock and deck areas, limiting your family’s sun exposure on hot days and even enjoying the outdoors when it rains. Add some mosquito netting to the sides, and you’ll extend your enjoyment even further.


Somfy automation gives home and cottage owners an easy way to extend or retract their awnings. Whether you have a few or many, the automated system will retract all of your awnings simultaneously, with a simple push-button switch or remote transmitter.

Sun and wind sensors automatically protect a home or cottage from the heat of the sun, and protect awnings from the damaging effects of rain, sudden storms, and heavy winds - allowing you to relax even while you’re away from your home or cottage.



Aquadome dockslip covers and shelters are strong, long-lasting and attractive. They are made from TOP GUN™, heavy duty fabric. The trusses on our canopy frames have structural depth, with a web of poles for ultimate strength and durability and are manufactured using smart engineering and technology. We specialize in creating:

DOCKSLIP COVERS: These are a terrific addition alongside your boathouse for occasions when you’re just mooring midday and don’t want to put your boat inside; when you want to enjoy being on the water, with some shade while anchored; when you want to dry your boat without exposing it to the sun; when you need additional boat storage for yourself or guests or when codes/regulations do not allow for the construction of a boathouse, but you need to protect your investment. Our canopies can be made with curtain “walls'“ or mosquito nets on all sides.

BOAT COVERS: When it’s time to put your water toys away for the winter, Aquadome covers will ensure they are protected from the harsh elements and that your investments are ready to play again in the spring!

CAR SHELTERS: Whether you have an extra vehicle that doesn’t fit in your garage, or you need an alternative to a traditional garage, our car canopies are a terrific solution for sheltering your investment in all seasons. Our canopies can be made with durable curtain “walls” for even more protection.


It’s amazing how simply adding a ladder to your dock or floating dock can immediately add to the waterside fun for you, your family and guests. Aquadome creates customized vertical, boom and folding ladders that will suit your needs and last for decades. We can customize your ladder’s height and width and offer three colour options: black, white or grey. Our ladders are constructed from lake-safe powder-coated aluminium and cedar. Since we know and work well with many local dock-building companies, your ladder can be installed at the same time as your dock.